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Friday, February 14, 2014

Like Most Artists...

I love making the work, but hate selling it.  And yet the balance probably should be less making, more promoting and selling.  In fact, there's no probably about it.  The world seems to be full of people telling you how to sell your work, these days. You could spend all day reading and thinking about it.  Why am I talking about this?  Mainly because I'm planning a new website, and as a result, have been looking around the internet at artists' websites.  Some of them are fabulous; others are Not So Great.  What do you think makes a great artist website?  I'd love to go look at any examples you think are exceptional, or even just good!

The stuff I am making, though, is enjoyable.  I had fun at the Hub this week, making shopping bags from fabric, and red rose corsages for Valentine's Day.  But the real fun is in the jewellery.  It has given me ideas for larger pieces, which would be part jewellery, part wall piece.  Not quite got there yet, but Watch This Space.  Meanwhile, above is what I'm working on now, all of it in process.  The top left hand one doesn't look terribly prepossessing in a photograph, but is better in Real Time.  If you look at it closely, you'll see that it is mixed media, rather than strictly textile, the base is shredded paper, and it is wrapped in yarn.  I think the ones I like best, though, look to me like abstract landscapes, like the ones in the bottom  row.  Despite their small size (they are no larger than about two and a half inches in any one direction), they seem to me to have space in them, for imagining. I'm still exploring to see what I think works, and what doesn't.

Please do let me know what you think.


Vicki Miller said...

This is my second comment. I deleted the first one because I was just complaining about having to sell work. I think the most important thing about artist's websites is that sales are easy, like having paypal, rather than involved emails and transfers, which miht put people off. My favourite pieces in the photo are the middle top and top right, but they are all lovely.

marion barnett said...

Vicki...all you would have got from me would have been sympathy... I'm looking forward to having a coherent web space. A blog is fine, but it's not quite the same.
And thanks for the comment on the brooches. I wasn't sure about the middle top, it's interesting that you like it. I suspect the stitch isn't bold enough.