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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Evolon? What's Evolon?

It's at times like these that I really wish we had textured images, because trying to explain Evolon without offering you a piece to stroke is really rather difficult! The technical explanation of Evolon is that it is a microfibre cloth made from polyester and nylon fibres mixed together. To touch, it feels a bit like suede, or chamois leather, or even a very thin velvet. Because it is non woven, though, it doesn't fray, or discard little fluffy bits of yarn when you cut it (they make me sneeze, so I'm very grateful). As you can see, this lovely white cloth takes transfer dye beautifully, and it's lovely to stitch, either by hand or by machine; the top piece is machine stitched, the other has silk fabrics attached using the embellisher.

I met Evolon by chance; I had been talking to the lutradur agent in the UK, Mervyn Williams, and he showed me all sorts of interesting fabrics. The one I really loved was Evolon, and the poor man only had one sample at the time. Emphasis on the 'had'!! I enthused at length about it when I discovered how well it stitches and dyes, and the rest is history. I'm writing a book, Exquisite Evolon, which will be ready for Festival of Quilts this year (if it kills me...); I'm intending to show the many different ways that this versatile, strong and truly lovely fabric cn be used. Yes, I'm biased. Sorry, can't help it! If you are looking for some Evolon, try Mervyn's site Spunart; if you ask him nicely, he'll send you a sample, too, and you can have your own Evolon to fondle!


debsmuddle said...

I have some Evolon bought at last years Birmingham quilt show.It is about time I did something with it!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Marion, the surface of the material sure looks interesting. I wish the U.S. was as advanced in the nontraditional fibers as the UK. Trying to find odd sized Lutradur here is impossible---still seeking a source, so I know the Evolon is only in my dreams at present.
Beautiful work---lovely the way the color is accepted by the fiber.

Connie Rose said...

Ditto what Anne said. I've never heard of Evolon over here. We're so behind-the-times in so many ways (politically, socially, artistically, need I say more?). Anyhow, that piece is gorgeous!

Judy Alexander said...

This looks like some really interesting stuff..... Will have to see if I can track some down.

buy evolon said...
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