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Monday, March 30, 2009


really aren't my thing. I just got a polite email from Virginia Spiegel, reminding me that the deadline for Collage Mania is...well... Wednesday. That's okay, thought I, I have my pieces done, I just need to photograph them and all will be well with the world. Wrong. For some reason, I made them smaller than the required size, which meant that mounting them was the order of the day. By this time, of course, I was a tad overexcited. As luck would have it, I was given a load of mount board by my gallery, so cutting it to size and mounting the pieces was quite straightforward. And, as you can see, they photographed fairly well, too.

The first piece, Being Blue, is made from hand made paper, with a layer of voile over it, and has pieces added on both above and below the voile, and a machine stitched circle. The two pieces that follow, Grey Moon and Almost Four, are made from Evolon, and will feature in my book, 'Exquisite Evolon', when it appears in the summer; Grey Moon is embellished with pieces of silk, while Almost Four is an original print. Finally, Dizzy is collaged cloth, with some beads attached. All four pieces have been included in honour of my much loved friend, Lynn Bunis, of whom I have written before. She lost her fight with cancer last year, so it seems only fitting that two of the pieces I'm submitting feature cloth from her stash, as she was an American living in Scotland, and Collage Mania is a fund raiser for the American Cancer Society.

If you haven't come across Collage Mania before, check it out! The list of participants is here
This is a great opportunity to purchase some wonderful art from some very well known artists, at affordable prices, and in a very good cause. Run, don't walk!


Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

Wonderful art at a very affordable price is exactly right! As the person who is receiving and posting the photos of the artwork, I can tell you this year's selection is fabulous!

Virginia A. Spiegel said...

Marion - Thank you for sharing the story of these collages on Quiltart. The best art is meaningful and from the heart. Your collages are a wonderful way to remember Lynn Bunis. Thank you, Virginia

Kim Caro said...

great art. isnt it a great way to express your self with out getting hurt?

trudette said...

lovely art !

Julie said...

Lovely work Marion. If I had to choose I really like the third and fourth.