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Saturday, August 23, 2008


is something that most people assume is required for textiles, particularly patchwork and quilting. I've always thought that it was not a virtue that I possessed. That said, I do wait patiently for the right time to work with something. The image that forms the basis of this piece has been sitting on my computer for a long time, several months. Every time I looked at it, I thought, must do something with it... finally, I did. I manipulated the image a bit, put it onto lutradur and... the rest is in the Lovely Lutradur book, if you want the fine details; it became one of the projects in that section. (Click on the icon at the top right hand side of the blog page for more details).I think it did us good to wait, both image and me. I discovered a new way of using lutradur, and the image...well, who knows ...but I think it looks better than it did to begin with.


Myfanwy said...

Well, I didn't see the original image - but I like ther result!

Mixed Species said...

Wow very cool. I'm the same way about projects it's good to know it's okay to come back to it.