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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Moving On...More Work

Well, yes. I finished this piece, Flying Circus, just in time for it to go to the Spunart stand at FOQ, along with other pieces of my work, for part of the display there. I've also sent some small pieces, so that visitors to the stand can see and feel for themselves the effects you can get using lutradur of different weights. Flying Circus is made from Evolon, a polyester microfibre made by those clever Lutradur people. I'm hard pressed to tell you which of the two is my favourite, lutradur or evolon, so I've recently taken to using them both at once, which solves the problem nicely!

Flying Circus is one of the few pieces I've added hand stitch to. I'm so pleased with the results that I have the nasty feeling I'll be doing more of it, especially to Evolon, as it adds a pleasing textural contrast. It's a small piece, but I think it has a strong effect.

I was told last week that one of my lutradur pieces, 'Cracking Up/Pulling Myself Together' has been accepted to a show in Cambridge next month; I'm delighted. There will be a wide selection of work there; I'll let you know all the details when I have them.


Julie said...

Congratulations on your Lutradur piece being accepted for the Cambridge Show.

Your "Flying Circus" is great - there is so much to look at in it. I'm pleased it's going to the FOQ, I shall be able to have a closer look :) You're right about the Evolon, it has a lovely soft feel.

Gina said...

Thanks for sending me the link to your site - the Lutrador book looks interesting. I'm at the FOQ on Friday so hope to stop by and take a look. Congrats on the Cambridge show... where and when so I can come and see?

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

I love this piece... in a way it reminds me of cave paintings too... wow!

And it's really great to see that your work is going from strength to strength... best of luck with your exhibition.

Sara x

dot the i said...

I love the colors of this. Congrats!
I bet you'll have lots of success!

Diane ~Ever so Dear jewelry said...

"Flying Circus" is so well named. Before I read the text I was enjoying the piece & saw a horse in there! Reading your description, I was pleased to find that my imagination didn't go far off the bend! Really a wonderful quilt!