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Sunday, August 24, 2008

For The First Time...

since FOQ, I feel like getting some work done. Before I left, I was contemplating the work I need to do for the exhibition I'm putting on in October with my friend Jill, family and friend (more of that another day). It's called 'Mixing Up The Marks', and I thought I would use the opportunity to do some exploring on the theme of scars and cracks. I've been taking photographs of cracked walls and pavements, and this morning began manipulating them with Paint Shop Pro. I've got the first of them printed out and stitched into, and got some interesting fibres and threads from my friend Myfanwy, perhaps better known to the blogging world as Sassalynne or Nuvofelt So, plenty of things to play with in that department!!

But I think before I do that, I'll quilt the piece in the picture, Line Talks To Circle. The next book (I know, I know...) will be about Evolon, and this is an experimental piece for that, featuring some unusual colourants. I like it a lot, it has a strength to it that feels right, somehow. And despite the fact that it's a holiday weekend, the weather is telling me that it's best to Stay Indoors... so I'll be up in the quilt studios this afternoon, methinks!


Nuvofelt said...

Evolon, yes, Evolon is lovely. Not sure which weight I like best as they are both so useful and lovely to work with. The next book? I'd better start saving ggggg ;)

Dayna said...

Have no clue what Evolon is....Sounds interesting. Are all these things available readily here in the US or is it a British thing? Do we call them something else?

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Hi Marion, was good to meet you, at last, at the FOQ, and thanks for the tip for the new soft Evolon... which I am about to play with after lunch. I have enjoyed looking at your CD. Great fun.
Best Wishes


Hello from a fellow Scot!
Great blog, you are a very talented artist :0)

Krystyna81 said...

Beutiful create a real sense of balance and beauty with great editing - you don't go overboard and lose the impact. Bravo. Love your shop.