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Friday, August 29, 2008

Inner Landscapes

I've been fighting tiredness all week, as you can tell, probably, by the paucity of posts this week. Today, though, I thought I would go and play in The Little Green Shed. I'm enjoying working with mixed media, and have produced a couple of Inner Landscape pieces, both of which seem to reflect my current state of mind, or should that be health? I'm not sure. Perhaps both.

The first is 'Overloaded', the second, 'Overwhelmed', both small mixed media pieces on mountboard. I suspect everyone has felt like this at some time or another. Hopefully, I won't be feeling like this much longer!


Nuvofelt said...

Lovely. Let's hope the fog lifts soon. M x

Anonymous said...

Marion - I am sorry if you do feel somewhat overwhelmed - but I do like these pieces - they have an honesty about them that speaks volumes.

crikey - the word verification has gone into overdrive
ouoeuxua !

Julie said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit below par Marion. It's probably a reaction to all the adrenalin at the Festival of Quilts. I'm sure you'll be back on top soon.

Kari Gibson said...

Oooh, lovely pieces! Got the lethargic thing too at the moment, it is a struggle. Hope you feel better soon.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Marion, both of these pieces have such emotion behind them! I do hope you get some rest this weekend!

w said...

overwhelmed. i see it. very nice.