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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


my day was full of them. A baby quilt that isn't quilting well, my fault, really, inadequate preparation and a batting that I hadn't used before (and isn't behaving well). That was so demoralising, I thought I'd go and do some dyeing. Can't get that wrong, right? Err... There I was, in my tiny space, thinking, mustn't knock anything over, mustn't knock anything over, must'nt...o damn, there goes half a litre of orange dye...all over the floor, all over me, all over the dye fridge (and the latter is still a fetching shade of orange...). So, I mopped up as much as I could, got my shoes off, so as not to spread it into the hallway and onto the carpet. Of course, the result of that was, dye on the soles of my bare feet... I ended up in the garden, washing my feet in a bowl of water, with a curious cat staring at me.

A less than perfect day. At least the cloth isn't too bad; one piece is pictured here, a cotton sateen (not a great photo, it looks much nicer In The Weave). Not what I wanted, you understand, but I like it enough to keep it and make another attempt at what I wanted. I'd asked for advice on brown dyeing, on a couple of the lists I'm on, and was given lots of hints (this lot was orange and blue, for those of you who want to know this sort of thing). Then I went upstairs and discovered that I had, previous to that, dyed a perfectly good brown cotton without must be nice to have a memory...mustn't it?


Dianne said...

Oh Marion
You did give a good chuckle for the day. I can acutually relate ask Sandy how she goindigo blue runner and feet. I thought the tiles in the back yard look better that pretty indigo:):).
I like the color of the piece too.
I agree it would be nice to have a memory, Lost mine a while ago..

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Oh dear..... hope you are giggling now. So how did you get your wonderful brown? At least there is enough water around to rinse the fabric. LOL.
Best wishes