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Monday, July 23, 2007

Last Night's Ironing...

turned into this evening's ironing, somehow. I remembered, amongst other things, that a friend's wife was about to produce baby number three, and that the quilt I'd decided to make for them really ought to have been started six weeks ago... So last night was a hunt for fabric. Today, once I'd woken up properly, was a creating of the quilt. Tomorrow, I'll finish the quilting (it's about 1metre by 1.5metres in size, for those of you who are interested...yes, Sally, big by my standards...). It is designed round 'Old MacDonald Had A Farm'. I rarely make utilitarian quilts, I suppose I should think of this as a warm up for Andrew and Sarah's wedding quilt; mind you, with a date of 8/8/08, it's going to be hard to forget it, even for me!

So, this evening, University Challenge and the ironing. Don't I lead an exciting life??? And, just at the end of it, the impulse to see what last night's painting would look like on lutradur (well, the iron was hot, what can I say...). And here it is, a part of it, anyway. I rather like it.


Linda said...

Me too - it looks even scrummier in the close up, you can see the texture of the lutrador adding another visual layer

AnneJeu said...

Yes, this is a beautiful watercoloured piece!