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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Getting On With Things.

Painting today, quiet work that isn't ready to be seen, tentative, exploratory. And reminiscent of some of the early things I made when I began to paint, some seven or so years ago (how time flies...). The difference, though, is that I know what the work is about. I can remember starting out with paints, not knowing anything much, not what I wanted to say, nor yet how to say it. I at least know now what it is I want to say, and my understanding of what paint will and will not do is much improved. We will see...

Another bark drawing...Christiane was right when she said she thought the original piece of bark came from a plane tree. There is an avenue of plane trees on the way in to Norwich, or one of them, anyway, and it always catches my eye, particularly in winter, when there are no leaves to distract the eye, and it can dwell on the subtleties of the bark, the curves and shadows. It is those subtleties of line and colour that I want to capture in paint, somehow.

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Sheila B, Dalgety Bay said...

Many years ago when I had a punchcard knitting machine, I knitted a coat with a bark pattern in cream, browns and greys ... hard work, but it was stunning!