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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Double Glazing

No, I haven't been breaking windows! Rather, I went into the studio day before yesterday and glazed a couple of paintings that have been sitting waiting to be finished for Rather A Long Time. To such an extent that I was avoiding the studio, rather than deal with them. But I poddled around in there on Monday and just Got On With It. This is one of them, another 'In More Than One Language' painting, 'Outburst'.

Now, of course, there are empty canvasses waiting to be painted, and I find myself thinking about What To Paint. I'm reading 'Bird By Bird', Anne Lamott's excellent book on writing. She, and other such writers, like Natalie Goldberg, exhorts us to 'write what we know'. That made me wonder, am I painting what I know? I don't know that I am. I think I'm painting what I think. The Nosuchi paintings are developing from a mental construct, an invented tribe of 'neo-Celtic' people; IMTOL, from thinking about the process of reading mark, of reading painting style or school, of creating meaning. Nothing wrong with this, I think. Just... I wonder what painting what I know would be like? What would the difference be?


Anonymous said...

Marion, for me, painting "what I knew" meant seven years with the Left Turn Lane.

For now, I'm not sure "what I know" so I find myself casting around to fill the blog every day or so.

One of these days I will reclaim my life from the universe and I will again know "what I know." It will be exciting to see what comes out of my hands and into the studio the day that begins. t

June said...

An interesting thought, Marion, that you are painting what you think (no pun, of course.) In some ways, our thoughts are what we know, but I believe you are talking about the perhaps more superficial "thinking." But you've always railed against that kind of work, so -- maybe you are thinking too much snort!

I love "Bird by Bird" but paint what you know rather than what you think may divide the psyche a bit more than is necessary in your case.

And I like the painting, too.


suzanne said...

Wow !! Marion that is Deep Girl.
I love the painting as well, and Love doing my blog, it is making us grow somehow. At first we thought we were along, and then, OMG comments, and checking to see our favotite blogs.
I for one think that doing what you feel, Satifying!
Dang I missed that first 5 in, Dang.
Marion hope your trip was FUN.

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