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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Knowing When To Stop

This post should perhaps have been titled "Look, Mom...No Stitch!". I spent yesterday afternoon dyeing lutradur and other non woven polyesters, and a little part of the evening making it up ready to stitch. And then I looked at these two pieces and though...perhaps not.
They are, in my view, well balanced, and really don't need stitch for any reason.

As textile artists, I think we stitch every piece automatically. It's not finished if it doesn't have a stitch or two...or ten...or fifty... Sometimes, though, it's just not right. Sometimes the cloth really just wants to sit by itself. I think we often don't consider that as an option. I have, though, today. These two postcard sized pieces get no further work. I'll mount them as if they were prints on paper, and we'll see. Clicking on the images should produce a larger version, if you're interested.


ambermoggie said...

beautiful in their simplicity Marion, nothing else is needed

Anonymous said...

Hi Marion
I think on the first one I would maybe embellish somehow. Possibly with transparent fabric of some sort especially along the bottom.Yes, they are lovely just as they are but IMHO I do feel that they both need just that little something to draw the eye to.
Keep them coming. You are my inspiration.

Kari said...

They are beautiful and, yes, do stand up on their own as they are.

As a confused drawer, painter, printer textile artist, I too feel I have to combine EVERYTHING in order to "prove" that I can, but as you point out, sometimes less is more.

Kari x

June said...

Hi Marion,

In this case, I really believe that it depends on your vision. The pieces can stand as they are -- but they could also have some stitching. Stitched they would be different pieces, definitely. They would have definitions where now they have blended edges and so forth. So I think you are on that delicious cusp where you can say -- I'm going this way -- or that. And either will be successful.

Now if I can only bring myself to do the drypoint.......