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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Another Day...

another postcard...another visitor or two to the blog. Actually, there's been over twenty thousand of you since January, and I feel very honoured. Thank you for reading.

I was meant to be going out this afternoon, but I seem to have been stood up (you know who you are...), so I've prepped an altered book for working on when I get home from Scotland, I cleaned out the fridge (necessary, believe me), tidied the kitchen and made another drypoint plate which printed fairly well on paper, but refused to talk to silk organza... no, I'm not going to whine about presses, or the lack of them...sigh...

I'm going to Ipswich tomorrow, to take part in a self development workshop with my friend Terry, who happens to be visiting one of the facilitators. At the very least, I'm told she'll have my Christmas present with her, given that she's going to India for Christmas...sigh... I'm told it came from Fortnum and Mason; I'm not sure if I'm meant to eat it (here's hoping it's chocolate...) or worship it. Perhaps I can eat the food and worship the plastic bag???

And then, on Monday, we're off to Scotland. I'll be away for a couple of weeks, but I'll post if I can. And if Blogger lets me, of course. I'll be thinking about you...well, maybe...well, a bit...


Purple Missus said...

Hi Marion
I'm very new to blogging and have only just found out that most times if you click on a picture it comes up BIGGER!
So I have spent a happy half hour going through most of your blog and clicking on your pictures!!!
I just wanted to say that your work looks even more spectacular when its enlarged.

Dianne said...

Hey Missy
I'm loving the post card and nice compliment from Lynda, and very true ans then to see them with your own eyes, PRICELESS..
I'll be thinking of yous in Scotland. It will take my mind off my dang foot. Still a little sore, which is why I'll be posting one of my most special times I had on my visit
I'm not surprised thousands are reading and looking, you are very nice, very sweet, and a very good soul, not to mention very funny.
Then there is the talent, amazing.
Also, an almost dang perfect sweet Scotch Man too boot (grin)..
I'm so happy Sandy took me to yours to meet you, thanks for eveything, Big hugs and lots of love..
Have fun in Ipswich....

Anonymous said...

This is another Lynda - just so I dont get too confused Well Lynda :)
I'm going back a couple of posts but what is an ATC? I know your away now but perhaps you could satisfy my curiousity when you get back.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another outstanding post card!

suzanne said...

Yes beautful as always, have a great holiday.

Kari said...

Brilliant work, what a shame it is so cold and wet up here at the moment, hope you had a good time in Scotland nevertheless!

(Personally I LOVE dramatic weather!).

Kari x

smarcoux said...

HEY Marion
When are you coming back.... have some news for you