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Friday, November 30, 2018


...with one fascinator, anyway, the cream one.  I marked the shape I wanted to achieve, using an oval box which I use to keep my millinery pins in, while it was still on the dolly, and then removed it.  On the table, it looks pretty unprepossessing, but you can see the distinct curve that has been produced by drying the flat fabric on the dolly.

Trimmed down, though, it starts to take shape.

I'm concerned that I've made it too big, and that concern is continuing throughout the process, so a lesson learned, I guess...but given that this one is the first I've made in several years, I'll be happy if that's the only serious mistake I make.

The next step is wiring, so that it retains its shape, and then the edges are covered in bias binding.  I won't tell you how long all that took... bias binding is a pig to work with, regardless of what type of fabric you use.

And now, it's a bona fide fascinator base, all ready to be decorated.  Looking at it on the dolly, I do think it's too big, but, as Robin said when I said that to him, fascinators are really all about the we'll see.  But I've got lots of decisions to make before it's to decorate it, how to make it stay on the head (millinery pins are fine for wood, but not so good for humans...)...but for now, that's it...  and I'm pleased to have got this far.  More tomorrow.

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