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Friday, November 23, 2018

Back To Work...

...after a couple of difficult weeks.  Remember the watercolour book?   Well...because I had coloured the reverse of that with transfer dyes, I was able to create another, similar book...

This time, I've stitched the coloured side with normal weight thread, while the reverse has the heavier, Decora thread.  You can just pick up the stitching, I's not particularly intense, by my standards.  I find the individual pages interesting; here they are as individuals, to let you see clearly how each of them stands alone as a landscape...landscapes within landscapes, if you like.

I suspect I'll add quite a bit more stitch, but this is all I could manage today.  I haven't taken pictures of the reverse, which, of course, is white with stitch.  I haven't yet decided what to do with it.  Paint is an option, of course, but so are applique and collage.  Plus, I could add significantly more stitch, obviating the need to add more colour (I think...).

I think the title of this might be 'Red Sky At Night', because the rhyme keeps running through my head...but we'll have to see.  Things might change as the piece progresses.  They usually do.

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