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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Settling In.

My mother-in-law asked, a couple of weekends ago, if we had settled in properly.  Not really, I said, my studio is still a mess, and there are no paintings up.  Over the last couple of days, though, we've put shelves in the studio, as you know, and today, Robin put up a good percentage of the paintings, too.  And I got something of a surprise.  Here's a couple of images of my living room, complete with Mollie, and the cushion that looks remarkably like Advo.

Both of these images, the first a painting, the second, a textile.  Both of them sat very comfortably in our living room in Norfolk, with its exposed terracotta brickwork and dark blue suite.  As you can see, the colours and light in this room are completely different; lilac suite, gentle colours....   And yet... I think they sit very comfortably in this space, with these colours.  I think the difference is that the dark colours pulled out the reds, blues and greens in both images, while the lilacs pull out  pinks, lilacs and pale blues.  With the drawing of Advo on the wall, comfortable cushions everywhere, and tranquil colours, suddenly, I feel more at home. 

Which just goes to show, assumptions are not always correct, and taking risks pays off sometimes.

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