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Monday, June 09, 2014

Still Remembering...

my friend, the late Lynn Bunis, who left me some of her (pretty huge) stash when she died some years ago.  I still have quite a bit of her fabric, but I also have one or two of her hand carved stamps.  One in particular, a leaf shape, I've never used; the leaf had too little detail for my liking.  But yesterday, while clearing up another section of the Little Green Shed, I came across it amongst my linocuts.

It occurred to me that I could easily add more detail.  What's more, I knew that Lynn would have egged me on to do just that, had she been reader, I did.

Here's the leaf itself; I liked its shape, but just felt that there was too big a print area in the leaf carefully carved out some detail, echoing the existing curves.  Then, I tried it out...

In both cases, I've layered the print, using different shades of green.  The piece above is an A4 monoprint; the piece below, a watercolour postcard using two leaf prints.  The bottom one I carved from a piece of the block that was very loose, so I cut it off and carved a leaf into its rather odd semi triangular shape.  Waste not, want not, as they say... I'm sure Lynn would approve.

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