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Monday, June 23, 2014


things fall into place.  I write a daily haiku.  Well, okay, sometimes I don't, but then sometimes six arrive on one it all balances out.  I was driving to see a friend this morning, and noticed a red poppy in the verge.  I thought that its petals, moving in the wind, looked like skirts...reminiscent of the famous Marilyn Munroe pose with the air vent.  And then, later, in my friend's garden, I found this flower... and it all fell into place...

Frilly, flirty skirts
Falling out from a green heart
With pink tinged crown.

These poppies look nothing like the wild poppies... here's a view of one in full flower... but the skirt comparison is even better here.  Nature is wonderful.


Annie said...

Love it Marion x

Bossymamma said...

Your haiku paints the picture well.