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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Love A Challenge?

I know I do... so I set one for VAST members. VAST is one of the Etsy street teams I belong to, and we're having a challenge to make something on the theme 'Simply Red' for February. So here's my piece, an abstract painting which, surprise, surprise is very, very red!

We're going out to lunch tomorrow, so I dare say I won't get much done in the way of art. On the way to hospital yesterday to get my hearing aid fitted (it's on the other blog), I bought some paints and canvasses to work with, and a number of boxes to keep things in, starting, I think, with the scrap fabric that is lying all over the floor in the workroom. The woman with me laughed. She said, I can't imagine you tidying up after yourself. She may have a point...sigh.


ara133photography said...

I really like this! Gorgeous colors & composition, like the darker red in there too. I always leave my workroom (which unfortunately doubles as my apartment, haha) a mess too ;)

LoveMeKnot Creations said...

it looks great! like the rich tones

Isabelle said...

Oh, this is just wonderful!! So, so beautiful. I love it!

Karen Hall said...

Very rich and deep

Anonymous said...

I love it - so simple and yet SO effective. Just beautiful, as is all your work!

Julie said...

This has worked really well Marion. I like it a lot.