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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


to Jean Levert Hood, whose name came out of the hat for the 'other' postcard...which turns out to be 'Hearts And Flowers'. Thanks to everyone who took part! Jean, I'll be in touch!

I've been making more ACEOs over the past couple of days; I'm truly enjoying the process of working at a small scale, though I have to say I don't really see myself making Inchies...though I've said that before about other things, and have lived to see myself actually doing them, so who knows? The two shown here are oil paintings on paper, the special heavy paper that is made for working with oils. Most of my work features mark making, and yesterday, I talked to my friend Jill about a possible exhibition on the theme, 'Mixing Up The Marks', which would feature our work with a particular focus on markmaking. I have to call the gallery today, to discuss it. Wish us luck!


Purple Missus said...

Lucky Jean!
These two pieces are wonderful too, especially the top one.
Great name for an exhibition - I hope all went well with the gallery.

Attack of the Vintage said...

Great colors!
Congratulations on getting the gallery show, at least I think I read in the forums you succeeded with that.

Julie said...

Good Luck with getting the exhibition Marion. Mixing up the Marks sounds a great theme. I like the movement you've got in these ACEOs.

Anonymous said...

Lucky Jean! The ACEOs are lovely; good luck with the exhibition.