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Monday, October 23, 2006

New Friends

There I was, week before last, in the artists' supplies shop, minding my own business...and got chatting to another shopper, artist and writer Kate O'Halloran. She showed me some of the beautiful little boxes she paints and gilds. I've never really tried gilding. She, on the other hand, had never tried altering books. So on Friday, we got together for the day, and did both! It was great fun, I had a lovely time, and Kate kindly left me some flakes of gilding to play watch this space!

She very kindly brought me a handmade book, made in collaboration with photographer Richard Palser, filled with her beautiful poetry and his lovely photographs. Isn't it beautiful? It's going to live on the shelf beside my bed, next to the other small books that I hoard. We're going to get together again soon, to explore some more techniques. Me, I'm looking forward to it already. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

It is indeed beautiful -is she someone we could pay to do a workshop for the Well?

DubiQuilts said...

It is do much fun to talk to people in stores. What a great time you two will have sharing your arts and learning from each other.

Anonymous said...

My daughter taught me how to gild. She does it for a living (working as a conservator in art galleries and museums) It's great fun and transforms the mundane into the spectacular. I love the book too and glad you had so much fun