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Monday, October 30, 2006

More Printing...

this time, the woodcut I mentioned a couple of days ago. I have a lot to learn about this method of printmaking, but I'm intruigued enough to want to try some more. But I think I'll wait til my finger heals, first.

The Totem Dolls are going up to Blickling Hall on Wednesday, possibly to be shown there prior to the exhibition they're part of in November. I'll be happy to return there, it's a beautiful place, with camera in tow (I can't forget it this time, surely...), for a coffee and conversation with curators. And an opening that evening, too, in Norwich. Last week was quiet, but this week seems to be hotting up already. Now if I could just get my hair cut...


Anonymous said...

Haircut?!?!? I finally found time to get my first haircut since January --- went from shoulder length to ultra short. Wow, I had forgotten how easy short hair is! LOL

Hope you are enjoying the woodcuts! It is very zen to start with a design, then adapt as the wood takes you to a little different place.

suzanne said...

Hi Marion,
Your wood printing beautiful, after the fingers heal, it will all be worth it, and about the hair cut, its too bad you didn't know Dianne cuts hair as well, she cuts mine all the time, beings I am one of the sisters, have a great day and keeping my fingers crossed for your to heal all the faster.