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Friday, January 10, 2014

What To Do...

with my silk... that is the question...    Sorry, Hamlet.

These are the two larger pieces of rust dyed silk; there are other odd bits, but these are fairly substantial.  The top one was made using a very rusty gate; the other, I suspect, using a selection of odds and sods.  I'm having an argument with myself (nothing new there, huh?)...though actually, I think I've found a compromise for the first piece, at least.  The top piece, I want to cut in half, and work as a diptych; here's what one half will look like.  

The second, though, isn't so cohesive, and therefore, not as easy to decide.  Looking at the image, rather than the real thing (a good way of distancing oneself from the actual work), I find myself wondering if I should leave it as a wholecloth, and hand stitch patterning into it, working as if it was a painting, a mark here, a mark there, creating pattern and cohesion.  Or I may cut it in half (note to self, not quarters, you have enough small pieces lying around!!), and use other natural dyestuffs to add colour and pattern on one half, and simply stitch the other.  Decisions, decisions.  Any thoughts?

This is part of the half that I'd stitch; plenty visual interest here.  

There is, of course, another option, and that is to leave both of them alone, and simply stretch them.  If the silk wasn't so fine, I might have done, but I think stitch is the better option; layering and stitching will support the silk.. so, watch this space.  All comments and suggestions welcome, as always..


Julie said...

I think the silk would benefit from adding hand stitch and colour. You're probably already familiar with Alice Fox's work and she combines colour from tea with her rust marks. I've done quite a lot of rust dyeing but apart from one piece which I managed to stitch they are all languishing in a drawer waiting for attention.

Vicki Miller said...

I am no help to you either except to say that they are gorgeous

marion barnett said...

Julie, couldn't agree more... I'm experimenting with eco printing, and may well use that as a way of adding colour. Vicki...thank you! Glad you like it.