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Friday, January 24, 2014

Crash! Bang! Wallop!

What a picture!  Imagine the scene... Me in bed, Robin at computer downstairs, and suddenly there's an almighty crash.  Both of us thought pretty  much the same thing...what have those damn cats done now...  But in fact, a textile work had come off the wall; the frame had pretty much bounced, but the glass was a write off... this is is after we'd cleaned off the worst of the loose glass.

Fortunately, nobody had actually accused the cats, so treats were not required to sooth indignant egos...  

There is a debate which goes along the lines of, glass or no glass in framed textiles... my framer assures me that glass does no harm to a textile, provided there is a decent degree of separation between glass and work.  This is a custom box frame, so there certainly was plenty separation.  I've now removed the rest of the glass, and rehung the piece;

I'm sure Haydn the framer is right in what he says...but I think I prefer it without the glass.  This is a really tactile piece; there's something about being able to see it without the glass, that makes it much more immediate.  The piece itself is called 'Echoes', and features hand dyed and printed fabric.  There's also some coloured Bondaweb on there, but it doesn't show up in the image.  It's there to provide texture, rather than colour.  I had the silk carrier rods lying about..they seemed to want to be included.

Wondering about the title?  It's a misquote of a Tommy Steele classic, 'Flash, Bang, Wallop'.  Wondering who Tommy Steele was?  Sorry, before my time too... but you'll  find the song on YouTube.


Dianne said...

Oh my Marion this is fantastic I looooooove them, say Hi to Robin..

marion barnett said...

Thanks, Dianne...will do .