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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Autumn Leaves

are so incredibly beautiful. This tree outside my living room window simply changed colour in a day. Now, of course, after some strong winds, there are more of them on the ground than on the branches, but they still look amazing. I have a selection of autumnal fat quarters just begging to come out to play at this lovely season, perhaps my favourite of all. But I'm still resolutely making things for Christmas, and ignoring their siren call.

I do, however, have to go and get some batting... maybe tomorrow. I have a quilt to make for the International Quilt Challenge, Through The Window. I have completely ignored my earlier ideas, which no doubt will be called up for duty later, to make a piece that it entirely suitable for this time of year, with Hallowe'en/Samhain just passed and Guy Fawkes looming. I'll let you ponder that one... it doesn't involve orange, though.

Meanwhile, back to the grindstone. Stuffing lavender bags and finishing off festive table arrangements, not to mention adding a little more wool to the lovely pale green scarf I felted yesterday... it's all go!

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