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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Flowers All The Way...

I have some work showing this weekend at St Andrew's Church in Longham, so went up there with my trusty neighbour, Mike, and his ladder to hang the work. I'm not up to much in the energy stakes, so Mike did most of the work, including hanging some long strips of photographs in archways; they look really good. I don't have a photo at present, but will take one today. I'm sharing the show with some incredible flower arrangements, and it was great to watch them taking form as I directed operations. As you can see, there's some lovely arrangements to look at. I particularly like the croquet arrangement, complete with daisy 'balls'.

I finally found myself chatting to two ladies making an arrangement in the hallway just outside the main church. We talked about all kinds of things, and jointly discussed the arrangement that was taking shape. It was, of course, just like making a painting. Colours, values, shape, line, all are as important in a flower arrangement as in an art work. Finally, we got onto gardens. I don't really do gardens, but my friend Jill has just completed a garden design course, and offered to deal with several years of benign (and not so benign) neglect. I said I was going to have a dyers garden; it turned out that both my companions were dyers and weavers. Much enthusiastic conversation resulted, and an invitation proffered to visit the workshop. Something to look forward to!

If you are interested, more about the Open Weekend can be found here...I'll be around most of the time, cutting lino and playing with Markal sticks. I'm delighted to be able to show some work in a very local setting, within my own village.

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