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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

At Last...

the Evolon book is with the printer, which means that it is FINISHED...and it will be ready for FOQ. Hurrah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to everyone who contributed, the copy will be in the mail for you as soon as I get them in my hot and sticky hands.

And yes, in case you were wondering, that IS the front cover. The background is one of my pieces, whilst the two pieces in the image in the centre are by other artists. Sally Bramald made a magnificent (and prize winning) whole cloth quilt for the book, which is the image above, while local artist Yvonne Autie made a wonderful rag rug bag, a close up of which is seen below. They both did a great job!

So what's to come in the book? Oh, two types of, make that three, or even four, as two types of rust dyeing are covered... what else? Working in series... knitting with Evolon (yes you read it right... doll making... clothing... I've tried to include something for everyone.

Now to get on with the Brusho book with a clear conscience!


ZudaGay said...

WooHoo!! Congrats!

smarcoux said...

Well done Marion.
Is this the book with two of my pieces?

Julie said...

Congratulations on completing the book Marion. I'll look out for it at FOQ.

Tinker Pixie said...

Congratulations, Marion!!!!!

La Alicia said...

congratulations! that's wonderful!

Diane Elizabeth said...

Lovely book, Marion. Congrats. Diane