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Monday, March 22, 2010

Froggius Interruptus

I've been darting between the Little Green Shed and the house today, working on a new book. Every time I've passed the pond, there has been much splashing and sploshing as the frogs take fright. They're not usually quite this shy, but clearly Spring has Sprung, and procreation is a private process... I did notice Molliecat paying particular attention to the pond this morning, so I think they must be less concerned about other animals spying on them... but who knows.

I thought I'd prove I'm not just working with Bertha. This is a landscape, of sorts, one of a series. As well as stitching into the transfer dyed cloth (evolon), I've used the embellisher to add extra colour and texture using both silk and wool tops. I think it's fairly successful. I've written about making a series in the new Evolon book, and these are some of the results. I'm quite pleased with the overall effect. I'm going to mount them, and frame a couple, too, for Open Studios.


Heather said...

I like the landscape. It's very quiet on the froggy front in our pond so far - I'll nip out to see if anything is happening yet. Usually we get far more frogspawn that our little pond can cope with.

Julie said...

We have got frogspawn for the first time this year. It arrived yesterday.

Leslie said...

It's still acting like Winter here, but the birds were singing today, tomorrow they'll be hiding from the snow they say we will be getting. Sigh.

Helen Stead said...

Thanks for you comment. I'm just looking through your blog now.
I absolutly love this piece. Beautiful choice of colours and stitch detail.