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Monday, September 28, 2009

Plus Ca Change... c'est la meme chose... I don't quite think this was the intention behind the quotation, but in a way, it's very fitting. Voici the French version of Lovely Lutradur, 'Ravissant Lutradur'. Doesn't it look great? It is, of course, the same book, just translated and presented slightly differently, but it does the same thing as the old one, honest!! I hope our Francophone readers really enjoy it.

I'm working today on the final draft of Exquisite Evolon, before sending it to the designer. It seems to have taken forever, but I do hope the wait will have been worth it for everyone who has expressed an interest in this new book. I'm hoping it will be ready to take with me to Harrogate, so fingers crossed!

I've really been busy, recently, much of it the admin work behind the business; putting together a quote for the school which is interested in a textile project next year, for instance. That involves a six foot long Evolon snake... watch this space! I've also been saving the Snow Leopard, one tshirt at a time... when I find my camera I'll upload a shot or two of the tshirts we are selling at the gallery; every single penny goes to the charity. They are for sale during the exhibition of students work at the gallery this week; work from adults and kids, from altered shoes through paintings to collage and altered books. Everyone has been having fun, and it took the show for some of us to realise just how good the work is. Congratulations to everyone on their success and their hard work!

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