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Sunday, September 06, 2009

At Last...

I've managed to put Lovely Lutradur The Book up onto my other blog, complete with Paypal buttons. It takes a while to get everything just so... so here's hoping I haven't missed any errors. I've included an extract from the book, which explains why Dijanne and I love this fabric so much; I hope you'll find it interesting. Just click on the red link above to check it out.

I'm finding that The Day Job doesn't just take time; it takes a lot of energy, too, so I'm trying to cut back in places; deciding what to cut back on is challenging, I'm finding. I recently bought a jigsaw to alter, having conveniently forgotten that altered stuff is one of the areas I'm withdrawing from... I dare say I'll remember given time! I've got a textile exhibition to work towards in late October, too, so it'll need to take precedence for now.

That said, I have an appointment with a Primary School to discuss a possible textile art project for next year. I think it would be great fun to work with kids, and give them possibly their first taste of working in textiles. I have some ideas already; the project will be based around the Rainbow Serpent, an Aboriginal creation story. It'll be interesting to see what the teachers think. Wish me luck!

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Heather said...

The day I have been waiting for! Just going to do a bit of online shopping!!