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Friday, January 23, 2009

A Quick Nudge In The Ribs...

...arrived in my mailbox this morning, courtesy of the Universe, or The Explorer's Club, site of motivational writer and speaker (and who knows what else...)Mike Dooley. I like these daily reminders (well, okay, weekday...even the Universe has the weekend off...). For all that they are random, they regularly hit an issue that I need to be encouraged about.

I went for an interview for a full time job on Wednesday, as well as doing some coaching. Yesterday, I did nothing much about anything. I used all kinds of excuses to justify it. I was tired. I had done a lot the day before. I was allowed to look after myself, to rest. I played silly games on the computer, instead of getting on with the things I knew I should have been working on. Today, the message from the Universe was short and sweet (and I quote):

Baby steps spark miracles, marion.

Miracles do not spark baby steps.

The Universe

Ouch. Today, I'm back to work, and feeling much better about things than I did yesterday. I'm writing leaflets for my coaching services, sending images to someone who asked for them and generally getting active. I'm working for my own, personal miracles. What are you working for today? Or are you having a lazy day, like I had yesterday? We can't work every hour of every day, but we can focus on what we really want, and bring it to fruition. I firmly believe that we get what we focus I'm off to focus on coaching today. I want to help people express themselves creatively. First, though, I have to explain to them what that means...hence the leaflets. And then I'm going to make a coaching blog, so that this blog remains as my creative work blog, and people who want a different kind of encouraging can go to the new blog, instead...or as well. Watch this space for new developments!

The image, by the way, is a collage on board, called 'Falling'.


On a Whimsey said...

Oh you are so right Marion! Often I have days when I will always find 'something' to do instead of. As you say, computer games which after all will only last a few minutes, well maybe just another few won't hurt because there is always tomorrow.

Then the empty canvas looks back at you. You have ideas but just need that brave step to be sure where you will start to tread. Once started, the minutes fly and the creativity and confidence return.... until the next time.

I shall just go tidy up my table now.

Anonymous said...

I actually managed to get a solid 2 hrs creative time this morning (apart from having to clean up the remains that the cats so kindly left). Now having a break to recharge.

Sixsisters said...

We have all been in that place haven't we.
Glad you feel better about today !

ANNA said...

I do hope that your interview turns out successful and the job is what you want. I start a new job on Wednesday! As to your suggestion to make a collage of my fav pics - I could not choose a select few and ended up printing over 320 !! Now that would be a huge collage!!! :-))

Rose said...

I have too many days like that. Need to get motivated and active. Maybe I'll do some baby steps today although I feel like I need to do the hugh steps we used to do when playing "Mother May I"!