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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Forward Planning

Things are hectic at present; exhibition opening on Friday, busy writing a new book, Etsy, a new shop to set up at Ehive... I don't really know where to turn. Rather than dive in, though, I've decided to take time out to breathe a little, and to create a forward plan. I'm going to go find a wall planner, and chart the next year or so, what needs to be done, when, and by whom (usually me, you understand, but occasionally I can delegate to Robin...). I like taking the longer view, sometimes. It's important to see where you're going in the longer term, remembering where you are likely to be busy, like around holidays, and when not... it means you can plan your time better. So that's how I'll spend the rest of my morning.

But in the afternoon.... I'm going to play in the shed! Can't be grown up all the time...


Nuvofelt said...

Sounds like a plan! LOL, that's what you said...! Go to it, Marion.

Connie Rose said...

That piece is so lovely, Marion! Very Valentine's Day, even though it says Noel.

artangel said...

Hi Marion
You've been tagegd! Please visit my blog for more details

Anonymous said...

That's pretty. I love hearts. :)

Diane Elizabeth Apple said...

I like your forward planning idea. That sounds like something that could be included in your "Creativity" book. I tend to work pretty much "one day at a time" but perhaps just a sketch idea of what's to come would be helpful in knowing what would be possible. Keep up the good work, Marion. Diane