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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Creative Surprises

Process is a wonderful thing. I say this advisedly; I haven't been able to do much in the way of art making, recently, too busy with the book, visitors and other distractions. Yesterday, though, I got my act together and finished five pieces, all of which had been smallish quilt tops, just lying around, waiting to be worked on. Except Curvilinear, above.

Curvilinear is, in fact, the back of a piece I had made and quilted, using this piece of discarded lutradur (waste not, want not, etc). I quilted it,right side up, and decided I really didn't like it. So I turned it over and thought...Oh... Somehow the quilting worked Just Right on the back, after I'd added a few bits here and there. There are surprises every day when you work creatively...just this one was more surprising than most.

Another creative surprise was the number of potential guinea pigs (yes, okay, cavies...) who volunteered to help me with the new book. Thank you all, I'll be in touch with you shortly. Please, though, no more volunteers! I have more than enough now, but I will offer more opportunities later in the year (I've got plans...).

Now to list this piece on Etsy...if I can get Merlin off my legs, and find a tape measure...


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Great work, Marion