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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Come In, No 50 000....

your time's up! My 50 000 viewer is in the US, in Mesquite, Nevada, to be precise. Whoever you are, you were looking at 'Dancers' on June 30 at around 6.10pm your time. Congratulations! Please email me with your ISP number, and let me know whether you'd prefer a textile or painting.

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun! I looked away for a day or so and the 50 000 visitor came, and went, and I wasn't around to blow a fanfare! I would, though, like to thank all of you who come to visit me here, regular or occasional; I really appreciate your visits, and though I can't always reply, I do read every comment, and think about them, too.

I've spent today in the shed, or most of it, anyway (the day, not the shed...). I photographed a piece that I intend to submit to a juried exhibit in Cambridge, made a few journal covers, and a couple of small painted pieces, as well as finishing off a piece that has been kicking around for a while. It was okay, but nothing special; I think, I hope, it looks much better now that I've spent a bit more time on it, throwing paint... I now have interesting walls inside and outside the shed, not to mention some patches of orange grass... hmm.

Meantime, the image is Summer, Somewhere, which I don't think I've shown you before. If I have, my apologies! It can be found here in more detail, if you are interested. It's a small acrylic painting, and looks like I feel today, hot, hot, hot.


::::Lula Boutique:::: said...

Your work is beautiful! I can't believe you had 50,000 views! Amazing!

Doreen K. said...

Wow. I think I am who you are looking for from Mesquite, Nevada.
I think Dancers is the colors . I like textile.
Doreen K.

Julie said...

I love this painting Marion, very summery and happy. I tend to call my studio the shed too!

Dianne said...

Painting is lovely and get you
50,00o doesn't surprise me woman yu are a great artist..