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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Making Decisions

I've been working in the shed today, finishing off some lutradur pieces, experimenting with evolon, making some ACEOs, all fairly standard stuff. I was also, however, trying to decide what to do with this painting. One of the In More Than One Language series, it is called 'Over Here', measures 56" by 44" and has been around in this form for about a year now. I feel rather funny about this painting. Half of me wants to paint over it, as a failed piece. The other half finds it a little odd, a little edgy, perhaps, but a resolved painting, nonetheless. So it has been in the shed waiting for its turn...but that turn didn't come today. I think I finally decided that it should stay as it is.

That said, having put it up here, I will look at it again as a photograph, almost as if it were someone else's work. Photographs bring distance, and that encourages thought. We'll see. But I am a great believer in sitting with paintings until they tell you a story, and this one told me a story today. Two, in fact. I wonder what story, if any, it will tell you?


Unknown said...

You certainly had a productive day, Marion. The picture? It reminds me of a hurricane - but that's just the immediate response. Would love to hear your stories...

Rosebud Collection said...

I think the colors are really does have a stormy look.