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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lucky Me!

Part of the joy of Etsy is getting to know other sellers and their work, and arranging trades with them. Not everyone trades, of course, but sometimes they do, if you ask nicely... So I asked Karen Turner, whose blog I've been reading for a while now, and whose work I love, if she'd be prepared to trade with me. And she was... but that wasn't the end of the story. She then sent me a 'top up' trade, because she thought she got the better end of the deal (wasn't true, but there you go...). LOOK what she sent me! Aren't they lovely?

I've now made a number of trades with different artists on etsy, and each time been delighted by what I have received. I now have some wonderful jewellery and handbags, neither of which I make, a lovely doll from Karen, and a selection of ACEOs that is fast turning into a collection! Come to think of it, I have one or two lovely pieces traded with other bloggers, too. Lot to be said for good old fashioned barter! Who's up for a trade, then ??


TracyB said...

Me, me, me!! :)
Have your Spring Flowers VIII, that I got from you on Etsy, sitting on my desk at work where I can look at it's beautiful colors ALL of the time!!
LOVE your work & your use of colors!!

Liz Plummer said...

I'd love to do a trade with you, Marion... I've been meaning to ask you about how to go about it. Do you just stick your neck out and ask people or go to the forums and see if there's a trading thread? Or something else...

Anonymous said...

What a lovely surprise, Marion - so kind of you to feature the 'top-up' trade! Glad you liked the postcards; I was delighted with the fabric :-)