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Monday, March 17, 2008

Know Thyself...

was the inscription above the entrance to the Delphic Oracle. I know myself by the art that I make, because it is a way for me to work out what is going on in my life, my relationship with myself, others and the environment. So when I was asked to create a 4" square self portrait, what could I use other than images of my work to illustrate it, printed onto lutradur. Beneath that, there is a photograph of me. And on the back, a comment; By My Art, Shall Ye Know Me. That is a theme to which I intend to return, but in book format. Watch this space! Meantime, here is an image of the piece to be going on with.

I'm off for the rest of the week to visit with my sister in Livingston. It will be the first time we've spent more than a few hours with each other in a very long time...I don't remember the last time, probably before I went to University, and that wasn't yesterday! I'm looking forward to this trip a great deal, but my blogs are likely to remain silent until I get, see you next week!


Karen said...

Interesting thoughts.
Looking forward to seeing where you take this.
Have fun, fun, fun
Warm regards

Dayna said...

very appropo Marion. Enjoy your visit!

Julie said...

Have a good visit Marion. Hope it doesn't snow! I'll look forward to following your book theme.

Jodi Peary said...

This is a phoenominal self-portrait. I see both your artistic style, which I have enjoyed coming to know, as well as the distinct element of this work as a self-portrait. Thanks for letting our group and me get to know you through your art. I agree with your beautiful explanation. You are courageous to share this aspect of your soul. Hope you are enjoying your trip. Your journal is on the zne poetry blog, another amazing, sublime piece.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Hope you had a great time with your sister.

Erin said...

Dear Marion,
Your self-portrait speaks volumes. Specifically feminine yet subtly strong. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Have a good week! Look forward to finding out more about the book theme.

Loudlife said...

Wow, Marion - this is cool. I love the quote and I love the piece! I would be interested to know more about the art.