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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

When The Going Gets Tough...

the tough go shopping. Even those of us whose demons would prefer to stay at home, thanks, hear the occasional call of the mall... In my case, it was less the call of the mall than the whisper of the voucher for artists supplies that I was given for Christmas and hadn't yet spent. How's that for restraint?

So... there I was. A bit like a child in a sweetie shop, but with less restraint. They like me in that shop...they ask if they I'm happy browsing, and when I say, oh, YES, they say, 'thought so', and leave me to it. I thought that I'd buy things I hadn't used before, mostly, since this wasn't money I'd expected to have. So I bought some GAC 200 which I've heard June talk about, but never used (expect to have your brains picked soon, June...). It says it reduces the tackiness of acrylics...I wonder if that will help with the main problem I have with altered books, Pages Stuck Together That Weren't Meant To Be...sigh... I bought some proper etching ink, which is expensive but lovely to work with. And some other mediums for working with oil paint. And some more lino to make blocks with. So I have new toys to play with, which will be fun. I also bought some cloth today, some horrendously expensive but very beautiful silk to use with the embellisher, and some other bits and pieces. I would have bought some vintage linen sheets from Oxfam to dye, but they were more expensive than the ones I bought at an antique shop, so Perhaps Not.
The painting is another IMTOL, this one 'freefall'. The image above is the whole piece, the one at left here, a detail. You should be able to see a larger image if you click on the photos.


Dianne said...

Hello Marion
I really like the painting, really nice colors.Your shopping trip sounds like it was fun, all those goodies...
When I made my altered book I had read to put pieces of wax paper between the wax goes on the pages and they no longer stick together.
This might help.. Have fun with your new stuff..

Felicity said...

When I had post natel depression the only thing I wanted to do was go shopping at Thurrock, early morning when it was nice and quiet. If it feels good, do it I say!