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Monday, February 12, 2007

Altering Books...

...takes a long time, somehow. It's all the preparation you have to do before you can start, removing pages, sticking them together, gesso and stuff... I'm making two books. One of them is a small thing, that I had started to prepare a couple of weeks ago, and have just kept going. The other is larger, a squareish shape, unusual, I thought, and that will be a journal of sorts, to be kept during the therapeutic journey and doubtless beyond. These conversations with a friendly stranger fill my head with images; I thought I'd use them, this time, play with them, see where they take me. I've just switched the encaustic plate on, too, thinking that I'd do a little encaustic work in between pages, something to do while muttering about how long things take to dry. Besides, it warms the conservatory up somewhat, which is always a good thing in winter, even if it is a relatively warm winter which is wending its way towards spring.
The top image is Gravid; the bottom two are In More Than One Language paintings, Emerging and Outpouring. All are oils, Gravid on canvas, the other two on board. Now to see what Advo wants, make myself a quick cup of coffee and go play with the wax!

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