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Friday, June 13, 2008

Altered Images...

or rather, quilts, in this instance. I made a piece I didn't much care for, and when Jill agreed she thought it wasn't quite right (and for exactly the same reasons as I had thought), I decided to cut it up. This is one of the pieces I'm left with. the largest (the rest are ACEO sized and awaiting alteration). I added some colour (from paint sticks) to the existing marks and stitching on the piece, but I'm still not happy. Next, I think, will be foil. Or not. I'm very indecisive these days; having decided not to change the piece I showed you yesterday, I found myself adding some cerulean blue... It adds something, though I'm not sure what. Meanwhile, I'm prepping some board books for altering, and working on another mixed media piece. Hurrah for the shed!
*note to self...make sure you clean ALL the brushes before leaving shed...and wipe down the table top. Guess who has a cream mount with pastel marks on it now...sigh... no, they won't come off (unless you know different...).


Rosebud Collection said...

What beautiful colors..They are so soft and look wonderful together..

ThePeachTree said...

Well this little snip it is fantastic! I love how the creative process flows :)