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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Look What I Found!

As a rule, I'm not a great fan of galleries...which may seem like an odd thing for an artist to say.   A lot of them are Very Serious.  Some of them are really crowded, so you can't see stuff clearly.  And then...occasionally... you find one that is None Of Those Things.  Here are a couple of pictures of one of the best galleries I've been in for a long time.  It's tiny; I've been to Burnham Market before, and not realised it was there, tucked away as it is.  It features the work of one (very friendly) artist, Andrew Ruffhead, and it is called 'Fish And Ships Coastal Art Gallery'.... it's a wee gem.

What struck me first was the colour; the work glows against pure white walls.  There's a great range of work, much of it quirky, or just plain fun... I had to buy a whale fridge magnet (it's okay, Andrew, it got home in one piece, thanks to the careful bubblewrap).  This is how he sums up what he does (from his beautifully designed leaflet):

'Andrew opened his Studio/Gallery 'Fish And Ships Coastal Art' in 2006, producing prints, coastal maps, cyanotype photography, pen, ink and gouache drawings and paintings, and lobsters, crabs, whales, prawns and fish made from driftwood and pieces of old marsh and beach-found boats.'

Trust me, the work's amazing; if you're in Norfolk, run, don't walk... I had a whale of a time! And if you're not...check out his website.

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