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Friday, May 23, 2014

It's The Little Things...

...that make the difference.  I've been taking part in a Junk Art Challenge... this particular postcard is made from an RAC circular... but somehow, it just didn't work...  So, I carved an eraser into a sun shape...and here it is...

This postcard has been a pain from start to finish.  First, I cut the landscape around the car too it's in two pieces.  Then I lost the word 'adventures' for about ten minutes...and after hunting up and down, found it on the table next to my cup (grr...).   And then, this hole in the composition.

I've never cut an eraser before, thought it was altogether too fiddly; in fact, it's really quick and  really easy, though I do think that it helps to have really good lino cutting tools.

So...reader, I printed, using acrylic paint, and here's the result.

It's not perfect...but it's a lot better.  I wish all my design problems were so easily fixed!

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