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Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Straight Debate.

Here's the first of the pieces I talked about yesterday, waiting to be worked on ;

And here it is, finished ;
I think it's rather fun.  The cat button was part of a set by Button Mad, which my sister gave me for Christmas, while the boat and duck buttons were left over from clothes I made for my son when he was wee.  A family piece...I think it'll end up with Cara, my granddaughter.  Unless someone makes me an offer I can't refuse...

I showed it to Robin who said, it's nice...but the edges aren't right.  To me, the edges are Just Fine.  Most people, he said, would want them to be straight.   Now, I can get them to do flat, which is important, I think...but I'm not so sure about straight.  I like the country, primitive, sketchy feel that the frayed edges if this piece was a fragment of a larger piece.  It adds texture and visual interest.  What do you think?


carla said...

Hi!!! No!!!! I agree with you!!!! I like the idea that it is the missing piece to something else!!!! Everything does not have to be straight!!!! Art does not really have rules!!!! I love it as it is!!!!

Sheilasembroidery said...

I'm with you I love raged edges much more organic

Bossymamma said...

It doesn't need straight edges, it needs someone who appreciates that this is what it is.