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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Yet More...

...forgotten work; this is a stitched photograph, printed out on Evolon.
I love the richness of this piece, and some of the unexpected details, such as the area in the left with the interesting blue marks (try clicking on the image to get a good look).  That combined with the texture of the stitch, and the feel of the cloth, makes it a really tactile piece.  It's not all that big, but packed with detail,

This wasn't the only piece I looked at today; I worked on another version of it, this one printed on Lutradur XL; I'll show you tomorrow.  It had a different feel to it altogether...and a different fate, too.  I added quite a bit of stitch to it, though... but did not do so here.  The stitch in the dark areas is very intense, black metallic thread with little bits of colour shot through it.  It makes the background incredibly rich, somehow.

The temptation was to use stitch to emphasise the textures of the seeds in the image.  It was an easy decision not to; I think the photograph shows that so well, that it's really not needed.  Also, the dense stitching pulls the background down, giving the seeds a slightly puffy look, though not as much as the use of trapunto would have done.  I didn't want to lose that by stitching into these areas.  In this case, I firmly believe that less is more.

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Vicki Miller said...

I totally agree. The dimensionality is what makes it.