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Thursday, June 20, 2013

There's Nothing Worse...

...than sulking technology.  In my case, it's a card reader which point blank refuses to read the card with my images on (or any other card, for that matter...).  Grf.  So the images I meant to use for this post are not available until I go get another one.  So I'll talk about the rest of the printing another time.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch...I'm dyeing.  My hands are blue, cobalt blue, but my cloth is a variety of hues, from pale green to rich brown.  I haven't dyed in a long time, and I had forgotten how much I enjoy it.  I'd also forgotten what it means to lug two gallons of water down to the shed...but that's another complaint entirely.  I'm dyeing cottons and silks, as well as some tshirts and a few onesies, just because they're there, and I can... I think the lilac one will be cute... The image above is of a previous session (that sulking technology strikes again...).

And when I'm done with low immersion dyeing, I'll thicken the leftover dye, and paint with it, though probably not today; there's a fridge in the shed, and the thickened dye will keep in there for up to a week.  I like dye painting; it's more relaxed than formal painting.  That said, I have a painting in my head that needs to be put onto canvas, or at least board... so I may sit in the shed this afternoon and see if we can come to some sort of agreement about what it needs to look like.  I love painting on a large scale, but these seem to want to be small... it's a completely different discipline.

My paintings are usually full of movement and energy.  At the moment, I'm personally low on I think I'll try to reflect that, as in this painting, 'Tranquil'.  It's not as small as I'm planning to work, but it is small by my standards lol.  The problem with painting large, of course is what to do with it when you're done... my house is too small to actually hang these works, and nobody seems to want to buy them.  I'm contemplating lending them to a local hospital or public space of some kind, as they are currently in the shed, and in the way.  Large painting, anyone?

And the card reader isn't the only technology that's sulking.  Our broadband is dipping in and out, more out than in (as it were), so, having written this, I can't publish the damn thing... oh well.  Back to the shed.


Myfanwy said...

I'm dyeing too, but my hands aren't blue. That's more to good luck than judgement, though ;) Sometimes I wish technology was a thing of the past. But what would we do instead?

Onwards and Upwards!

Don't forget to come and visit us at goldenthreads - you are being missed.

MargaretR said...

Yes, I agree with Myfanwy.
Forget the technology for a few days Marion and just do your own thing without it. I'm fed up with my tech ATM too!

Dianne said...

Hello my lovely Miriam, well I'm so excited you dyeing cloth again, cause you are the BOMB at it. I had so much fun looking through all you had created, it was amazing, I'll never forget going to the washroom and seeing 10 bags of soda ash,LOL always ready for anything.
Also the lesson you gave me on felting, amazing,seeing all the art you create in all different mediums, listening to you play the lovely instrument, then out for a lovely dinner at the pub with your lovely husband. It was a perfect day in Norfolk and one I will remember for a lifetime. So glad your back creating and blogging..