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Sunday, April 08, 2012

I've Started (Stitching)...

so I might as well continue.  This is a lino cut, stitched with more of Dale's lovely variegated threads.  When I made the original print, I looked at it and thought, There's too much white space in that, it'll never hold together coherently.  And yet, it does.  I used two similar threads; the darker version to delineate the flower heads, the paler version to explore the surrounding areas.  I think it works.

I think it's an object lesson in trying things out.  Those prints have been around for ages, but because I felt disheartened, I didn't bother trying to make them work.  I'm actually really pleased with this piece, and actively want to get on with stitching some more!


Gill said...

Hi Marion
I've come from your other blog - why didn't I know about this one???
I love this piece on Evolon!

Robin Mac said...

So you should be pleased with this piece, it is lovely and to me looks as if you designed it that way from the very beginning. Cheers