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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Focus, Focus, Focus

a detail from a stitched photograph printed on canvas and machine stitched.
...seems to be what I've been lacking for a while.  I realised that when someone on Facebook asked the inevitable question...'and what is your keyword for the year'.  Last year, I didn't have one...too busy thinking about my health.  This year, focus is exactly what I need. 

So...what am I going to focus on, exactly?  Firstly, much more work with Bertha the large scale Epson printer.  I've got a fair amount of images printed off,. but I need to work with them now.  Secondly, I want to make a lot more felt and generally learn more about creating my own fabric, both alone and with a weaver.  Thirdly, I want to make hats and other excitements, like corsages and fascinators.  Fourthly...I want to write some more about lutradur and evolon, as well as the new non woven that has recently appeared in the Spunart stable, Zeelon.  And the book on landscapes that I'm writing with friend and fellow artist Jill Arnold.  And I think that's more than enough! 

That cuts out a lot of things, potentially, though I don't really know how the work will develop.  There's no mention of mixed media, here, but that doesn't mean  it won't appear.  No mention of teaching, though I will be teaching this year, mainly in the areas I have mentioned above.  I said focus, and I meant it...but that doesn't mean I can't be tempted into other areas if it's related to my major themes this year.  I suspect that this is, in fact, the core of my work for the next few years.  

And now that's settled, time to get on with it...  And watch this space for a few changes to the blog, by the way.  New year, new template, perhaps?  So what is your focus for the year?  Let's see what everyone is doing!


artfulzebra said...

Nice post, Marion. :o) Unlike alot of folk I love New Year, fresh start, new opportunities and all that. :o) I too have lost my focus, over the last six months of 2011 really, and I shall be blogging about it too. :o) I was torn between FOCUS and ACTION as my word for 2012 and have settled on a combination - ACTIVE FOCUS! :o) I'd still like to come over and visit this year if th invitation is still there. ;o) I learnt how to make fascinator bases with Sinamay before Christmas for a project I want to explore this year, it was great fun and the Sinamay I ordered for myself has arrived today so I can have lots of play time with it! :o)

Ruth said...

That's the same word I chose for 2012. It's such a good word and hopefully will help use both keep on track. :)