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Thursday, March 10, 2011


may be as close as we get to 'Spring at the moment, although it is much warmer than it was a couple of days ago. Looking at the paintings I submitted to the art fair, which were of summer gardens, I thought it was time that a spring garden found its way to the easel...and so it has. I like this painting a lot, it has an energy about it that encourages thoughts of new growth and change, at least for me.

I popped into the gallery and framed a small painting last night, perfectly well, and then managed to screw up today with another... clearly this is a long, long learning curve. Sigh. Still, whilst I might never make a framer, at least I can frame my own work, and am doing so, for Open Studios in May. I'm opening my own studios this time, unlike last year, when I was showing at the Gallery. I prefer showing in my own environment, and I'll be working steadily throughout the time I'm open. Check out this year's Norfolk Open Studios here.

I'm working with Bertha today, printing out large scale images for stitch... more of that later.
What are you up to today? Hope it's something creative.

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