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Tuesday, June 02, 2009


was always something I avoided. Recently, though, I've been making quite a few... and this is the most recent, made as a sample for my class on Wednesday at The Gallery, Dereham. It's amazing how much can be done with such a limited palette, and really not many materials. We'll all be making something using those principles tomorrow night.

When I do teach workshops, I rarely ever provide a 'pattern' or a specific set of instructions. Instead, I make suggestions, show what is possible, or at least, what I think is possible at this point; you might find there's yet more you can do with what I'm showing you. And that's the joy of teaching workshops in this way; if you provide six people with the same materials and the same instruction, they can produce six completely different pieces of art. Of course, if you want to copy what I've made, you can...but I'm pretty sure that yours will turn out with a different 'feel' to mine. Why not try it?


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I used to hate collage---thought it was sort of at the low end of the art spectrum.
Well, as usual, I was WRONG.
Now almost everything I do includes collage in one form or another, and with the variety of products on the market today to really make collage hold up long term, and to mix medias, it is so wonderful!
I can't imagine going back to strictly one art form. It just sucks you in, and yes, everyone's will look different and I think that appeals to me too.

lisette said...

oh i wish i could do one of your workshops! do you think you might do some online?? please??? either that or come to australia :)