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Sunday, May 10, 2009


mean all kinds of work that you really don't think of. Open Studios starts next weekend, so this weekend is a flurry of activity. Robin is framing and mounting pictures and textiles. I'm hanging paintings in the conservatory, putting hanging strings on other paintings, to be hung in the shed, and unearthing the spare easel from beneath sundry layers of Other Things (mostly cloth). This is pretty much the pattern for the week to come... looking for things, putting things away, making more things (like my monoprinted greetings cards), and generally Getting Ready. And that's as well as the regular things that happen, like the workshops at the gallery (transfer dyeing is this week's topic), and working on the Exquisite Evolon book. So if I'm quiet this week, you know what I'm about.

One thing it is doing for me is bringing me to the realisation that I've got quite a large inventory. No wonder I've not got room for anything in the house, not to mention the studio. The image is one of the small paintings that will be hanging in the Little Green Shed.. why not come and see it in person?


Unknown said...

You sound sooo busy. Good luck in getting everything
ready. Love the green painting.

Parallax said...

Goodluck with the Getting Ready --- such a process, it should be capitalized, probably italicized too : ) --- and with the open studio itself!

missknits said...

ooo how exciting! and good luck with it all!!

Pamela Baker said...

Unfortunately I would be able to see you show - so you will have to take lots of pics. I am sure it will be a total success.
Remenber - there is space in places we can't imagine!
Love your painting - it is so Springlike.